The Seraph, aka Florencio Yllana, born in 1977 Manila, Phillipines, and was influenced by his constant exposure to museums of all themes & began to paint and draw at an early age.

He moved to the United States and found an explosion of ideas and moments that further inspired him in his artistic path. In 1995 his studies brought him to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and participated actively in its artistic movements. There he found the expressionists, the symbolists and decadents and the contemporaries which further inspired him to continue the lineage of art.

In 1998 he took up residence in Boston, intensifying his activities in art. In addition to painting, he is also adept in illustrating, sculpture, photography and drawing all highly influenced by his love for travel which included much of Europe. He was also very active in the poetry scene in Boston contributing to various groups such as BLACKOUT Boston, The Lizard Lounge, and hosted his own jazz and poetry venue at the Original House of Blues.

He began exhibiting locally and after his first 2002 exhibition, he began to live in Paris where he continues to return from time to time. Florencio currently lives and runs his home gallery in Bahia, Brazil. He also returns to the U.S.A , and Europe constantly engaged in the creative path and the creative process. His works grace the various walls of homes across the globe.

Interview : Florencio Yllana a.k.a Seraph – iamVibes

Florencio Yllana

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